Web Development

Create and use your own NuGet packages

If you are an ASP.net developer and you do not know NuGet, you most certainly should.

If you already use it, chances are that you are using it just download other people’s library.

Instead, you should create your own NuGet Packages, and possibly open source them and make it available to others.


For reusability.
I think that having an easy way to include a library reduces viscosity. You will update your library and update it in all your projects

For better code.
Just the idea that somebody else will criticize, use, or even just look at your code will push you into writing better code;
Not only; writing micro libraries will force you somehow into using SOLID principles.

For Kaizen.
Not only your microlibraries will continuously improve; you’ll get more feedback from other developers, helping you develop better skills and knowledge.

Or at least, those are the expectations that prompted me to start publishing packages.