Richard Roberts

I travel with a ridicolously big mochila (backpack).
And I have so much more at home!
I sometimes feel my travel experience would be so much better without all those things I bring with me, and that I belong to my stuff much more than my stuff belongs to me.
Getting to know the existence of Richard Roberts, who lives outdoors and always carries with him all of his belongings in his everyday life, gave me a new perspective and made me feel quite stupid.
Richards tunes pianos and lives outdoors in London, all his belongings being a bicicle, smartphone, and little more.
This kind of living makes it possible to work less, save more money and be healthier in both body and mind. And is oh so distant from consumism.
He reminds me of Uruguay’s president Jose Mujica‘s speech about the relationship between sustainable development and human happiness.
I find ‘s experiment extremely fascinating; while it’s not something everyone could do, it’ definitely an original and innovative way of living.
He got rid of (or he did not have) many socially accepted addictions and shows how it’s possible to live a sustainable life out of very little.


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