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Monday morning breakfast review

Ever noticed how this blog is sporadically updated? Probably not, because sporadically updated blogs do not get much readers.

Well, I’m trying to make up for a solution here, putting together two ideas: one from Seth Godin, one from Chris Brogan. (If you don’t know those guys, you should)

Seth Godin reccommends that “In a world with fewer bosses than ever, when we are our own boss“, we should have two professional figures helping us out:

  1. an Agonist (as opposed to antagonist), “more than a muse, a professional agonist might be exactly what you need to provoke your best work
  2. a Procrastinatrix, “Someone who’s only job is to hold you accountable for getting it done, now, not later.”

As soon as I read this blog post, I began fantasizing about a weekly meeting with those two figures.
Waking up on monday morning and starting a breakfast hang out with those two figures.
For both professional and personal life.

In fact, what if I paid two people just to have a monday breakfast hang-out meeting with both of them? What a radical change would it be, to discuss weekly with somebody about my goals and progress towards them, versus just keeping all this discussion inside my head (and maybe in a log)?
I’ve been thinking, how much would I pay for this? And the answer was, I would be ok to pay 10-15% my salary.

But then I came across this other blog post from Chris Brogan, about “start your own whatever” – which actually is more about starting groups on the internet than starting a generic whatever.

I thought, a group on the internet might just be the right tool to help create many “own’s boss – agonist – procrastinatrix” trios. To share different experiences, methodologies and techniques. Finding a procrastinatrix sure is easier than finding an agonist – but hey let’s give it a try.

So, that’s why I’ve been creating this Google Plus community, called “Monday morning breakfast review

The core idea of the community is helping people create a team-of-three meeting at least once a week in order to define goals, next actions, and check what’s been done and what hasn’t.
Also, the community is there so that you can share your experiences and your experiments: of course you aren’t forced to meet each week and at morning. Or on Mondays. And I know people hate Mondays.

So, join the community, propose yourself as procrastinatrix for somebody else or look for one, try to find your agonist (or better, try to find an agonist in your ‘real life’ and get him into the community), share your experience.

But most importantly: I really really need your comments/complains/feedbacks/help about how to build this community. So get in and join me in leading this community.


One thought on “Monday morning breakfast review

  1. Andrea says:

    Heilà, Davide!
    I start only now to read your fantastic blog. Paolo notices me by mail of the existence of this blog. So, from now, I’ll follow you along Sud America.
    Good travel,
    and let us know of all your adventures.

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